Vikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10]

Vikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season]

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10
Quality: 480p | 720p  (HD)
Language: Hindi  | English
.Director:  Wilson Fisk
Stars:  Katheryn Winnick,Alexander Ludwig,Alex Høgh Andersen,Marco Ilsø,Jordan Patrick Smith,Danila Kozlovsky,John Kavanagh,Peter Franzén,Eric Johnson,Georgia Hirst,Ragga Ragnars,Ray Stevenson
Genres:  action,Drama

Vikings (2020) Story :

 Ivar and his bodyguard Vigrid travel theVikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10] Silk Road. As they enter Kievan Rus', they are captured by men loyal to prince Oleg the Prophet. After torturing and dismembering Vigrid, Oleg finds out Ivar's full story and takes an Vikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10]interest in the exiled king. The pair form an uneasy friendship after Oleg reveals how he murderedkingzmoviez his unfaithful wife. Oleg discloses to Ivar that he plans to reclaim the Rus' people's ancestral lands in Scandinavia and invites Ivar to join him. In Kattegat, Bjorn outlaws White Hair andVikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10] Ivar's remaining retainers. Lagertha announces her plan to retire and rebuild her old farm, and live out the rest of her life in obscurity. Messengers arrive and inform Bjorn that king Olaf has occupied king Harald's kingdom and holds him captive. Having saved Bjorn's life twice, he is asking for his aid in reclaiming his freedom and landskingzmoviez. After returning to KievVikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10] with Igor and Ivar, Oleg has Dir attacked and imprisoned. While Ivar teaches Igor Old Norse, they discover Dir mutilated and bound like a dog. The sight amuses Igor, but troubles Ivar. In Kattegat, Bjorn is seduced by Gunnhild's servant Ingrid. As he leaves to rescue Harald he places Ubbe in command while leaving his children Hali and Asa with Lagertha. Ubbe announces plans to send Hvitserk on a trade expedition along the Silk Road. Hvitserk iskingzmoviez tormented byVikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10] visions of his murdered lover Thora and Aslaug's murder. Lagertha's neighbors are attacked and raped by White Hair and the other bandits, so they seek Lagertha's help. In Vestfold, Haraldkingzmoviez has befriended Olaf's steward Canute and attempts to convince him to release him. Canute says that Bjorn has arrived to liberate him. Bjorn and his warriors attempt to swim into the harbor, but Olaf has put oil in the water to set the bay ablaze. Bjorn is forced to retreat.Vikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10] White Hair and his bandits attack the village again. The villagers win after a hard battle, which culminateskingzmoviez with Lagertha killing White Hair in single combat. Seriously wounded, Lagertha rides back to Kattegat to meet Bjorn. In Kiev, Oleg and Katia are married; later, they torment Ivar by having sex in front of him. In Vestfold, Harald wins the election and is crowned King of All Norway; Harald and Kjetill campaigned for Harald's victory with promises to the various kings and earls, Kjetill being promised kingship of Iceland. Kjetill realizes Harald, kingzmoviezdistrustful, will have Bjorn killed, so he tells Bjorn. Bjorn and Kjetill are cornered by Harald's men, but are saved by the outlaw Erik, who takes them to his shipVikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10]. Lagertha arrives in Kattegat; while dragging herself toward the great hall, she has a vision of the Seer. Hvitserk, in a state of delirium, hallucinates Ivar as a serpent and attacks it. As he comes to his senses, he realizes he has actually stabbed Lagertha to death. In Vestfold, Bjorn and Harald prepare for the incoming Rus' attack by fortifying the capital's fjord, the river to the north and the beach in between; during the preparations, Gunnhild loses her unborn child. Frustrated with Bjorn having taken a second wife, Harald rapes Ingrid. Of the many kings and earls of Norway, only Thorkell and his men have joined Harald's army. In Kiev, Katia offers herself to Ivar, but he refuses; she later tells him that she is not satisfied with her marriage to Oleg. Ivar helps Oleg plan the invasion and suggests the Rus' attack both the beach and the river to the north, despite the presence of a mountain between the river and the capital. The majority of the Rus' fleet attacks the beach and HaraldVikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10],kingzmoviez Bjorn and Erik lead the defence. Ivar, Hvitserk, Oleg and their men manage to breach the block at the river's mouth, defended by Gunnhild. The Rus' climb the mountain and surround the Viking army at the beach. Thorkell is killed and Harald is seriously wounded; when Erik tries to help him, Harald orders him to retreat. Bjornkingzmoviez continues to fight as his army is overwhelmed; suddenly, Ivar appears and stabs Bjorn with a sword. The Rus' celebrate the victory.

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Vikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10]
Vikings (2020) [Season 6]720p | 480p  [Dual Audio][Full season][Ep 1 to 10]


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